The Cornucopia is an evolving library of resources for WitchCamps and Reclaiming Teachers.

We are in the process of finetuning this portion of the website.  




For Downloaders

You may download material from Cornucopia freely.  However, you MUST agree

  • to the license (Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License - see link below), and
  • agree to  use the  materials in accordance with Reclaiming norms.

By clicking on the link below, you are confirming your agreement with these conditions.

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For Authors

To add material to Cornucopia, you will need to create a proposal. This is done via our ticket system.

Before you upload you must certify that:

  • you have the legal right to distribute the document, and

  • you agree to Reclaiming norms for use of materials set forth in Cornucopia, and

  • you agree to let us publish it with a Creative Commons license as shown below.

 Creative Commons License Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


Your document MUST be in pdf format and virus-free.

A set of people (the librarians) are notified about proposal uploads, and empowered to approve them. Any one librarian can approve a document as long as the document is not Spam or possibly contains a virus.

Any librarian can disapprove such a document, at which point it is removed from publication. They will inform the librarians group of their decision and why. The librarian group as a whole must reach consensus whether to publish or not. If the librarians cannot reach consensus, the decision goes to the WCC. At any time the WCC can override the decision of the librarians at which point the librarians implement the Council’s decision.


To upload your proposal:

  • Go to our Ticket System by clicking the Support link above right.    btnJHelp
  • Click "Open a New Ticket"
  • Select "Cornucopia Upload" as the help topic.
  • Fill in all fields and check boxes.
  • Either Drag and Drop your file where indicated or click the "choose them" link to navigate to the file.
  • Complete the CAPTCHA text and click the "Create Ticket" button.

Assuming that everything goes OK, you're done.





Need Help?

For help, enquiries or feedback:

Please click the  at the top of this page and submit a ticket.

One of our friendly tech cell folk will be in contact to help you.

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